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Andrés Ojeda Umaña


Andrés was born in Bogotá, Colombia, he studied architecture in the Universidad de los Andes. After graduation he moved to Geneva, Switzerland for 15 years. He worked for several firms before opening his own practice in Geneva in 2006. He founded LAUD in 2015 as a multidisciplinary platform for architecture, design and urban planning. He has been an assistant professor at the EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) , invited professor at Universidad de los Andes taller de Cartagena and he now teaches diploma project at Universidad Piloto in Bogota.

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What was has always been. What is has always been. What will be has always been.
— Louis I. Kahn
Architecture is a voyage. I like to think of it this way,  it’s like when you travel and you see everything anew. Being in an unknown territory opens up your sensibility. Your eyes see things they had forgotten to see, you smell what you will remember all of your life as being the smell of a place. You regain the ability to be astounded, to be impressed, as when you were a kid, you’re again vulnerable to the world.
— Andrés Ojeda Umaña
La arquitectura es un viaje. Me gusta pensarlo de esta manera, es como cuando se viaja y se ve todo con ojos nuevos. Estar en territorio desconocido abre la sensibilidad. Se ven cosas que se habían vuelto habituales, se huelen olores que por toda su vida estarán ligados a un sitio. Se retoma la posibilidad de ser impresionado, como cuando niño, se es de nuevo vulnerable al mundo
— Andrés Ojeda Umaña

We believe that architecture is the means that binds us to reality. Architecture is the manifestation of the physical world with the interaction of man. The anchor in the world of the fleeting image. The practice's aim is to develop an architecture based on the assumption of these characteristics of the built environment and the embrace of the material and concrete as a reflection of the timeless.

Collaborators actual and past:

Alice Lebrat

Alejandro Monsalve

Maria Jose Herrera

Sarah Jane Fourness

Rimrama Duman

Camilo Marquez

Sarah Delmenico

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